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Paul Godin has consulted with and trained people from a broad variety of sectors for more than 20 years with a focus on negotiation and conflict resolution. When working with organizations, he immerses himself in their world, their real life conflicts. When training for organizations, he often uses their own live negotiations and conflicts as examples to apply the skills being taught. Sectors with which he has worked include:




Business and Sales




Labour Relations

Military and Police




Accounting and Professional Services

Contract Management and Procurement

Aboriginal and First Nations Issues


Manufacturing and Production









"Paul is one of the top ADR/Negotiation/Communication trainers I have worked with, and a fine and thoughtful mediator. Paul brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to teaching, and combines that knowledge with a style that always keeps his participants and audiences engaged and amused. I never miss a chance to train with Paul (we have worked all over the world together), and nor should you. I recommend him very highly."

-Michael Dickstein, Dickstein Dispute Resolution

"After significant experience in labour relations dealing with collective bargaining, disciplinary issues, collective agreement interpretation and alternate dispute resolution, I finally decided to take some advanced negotiation, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution training. My primary instructor for two of these courses was Paul Godin (Director of US Operations for the Stitt Feld Handy Group at the time, and now running his own company, Katalyst Resolutions).

I can say that, without a doubt, Paul was the best course instructor-facilitator I have ever had in my career and this includes numerous instructors during 8 years in university. Paul’s knowledge and experience combined with his excellent presentation skills and ability to give real examples of conflict situations and resolutions made the course the most enjoyable and informative I have ever pursued. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul for any work in the field of conflict resolution, course and training design or presentations in his area of expertise which is considerable. I can guarantee that you will leave any session or course given by Paul exhausted (from the challenges and thinking required) but extremely happy with the tool kit, processes and insights provided by Paul to facilitate your future involvement in dispute resolution initiatives”

-Greg W. Gauthier, Labour Relations Professional

“Instructor: Knows what he is talking about; Paul is clearly a great facilitator who is passionate about this subject [Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Workshop] with lots of experience. Practicals and Case studies helped the lessons sink in as well as expanded on the ways these tools can be applied in different situations. Paul is exceptional at passing this information along to ensure it is applicable (examples) and that it will stick. 10/10”

-Katherine Ades, Regulatory and Security Specialist

“10/10. The case examples were very effective tools. The tools/methods are great guideposts. Always looking for great tools + templates in my work… Paul was excellent- thanks very much for catering the training to our department’s realities and work…!”

-Sophie Maksimowski, Strategic Analyst

“10/10. Practical application…Helped me reflect on the many situations I deal with and how I can get a better outcome. Using skills already! Instructor: Excellent. Very effective.”

-Matt Steele, Steele Hall Farm Inc.

“Great info, interactive classes were great, kept it interesting + we could apply the tools. Great.”

-Brigitte Moore, Kent Agri Lab

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Who's Who Legal: Canada selected Paul as one of Canada's top commercial mediators in 2012 and again in 2015.

“Paul Godin is a facilitative mediator 'well versed' in helping parties analyse their goals and make informed decisions."

"Godin is 'first rate' in insurance, professional liability, contract, employment and construction cases.”

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