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The following fees apply for mediations, facilitations, arbitrations, workplace restoration services and investigations conducted by Paul Godin.

Time required beyond the basic included hours will be billed at the hourly rate.

Depending on the nature of the clients and client issues (e.g. charities), we are prepared to negotiate special rates on individual files. For family mediation fees, click here.


Please note that the parties are responsible for the cost of the facilities required, and that some facilities require a notice of more than 7 business days for cancellations.

Expenses and Travel Time

All travel and lodging expenses and disbursements are charged to the clients at cost. Where applicable, we will abide by required expense rules such as Treasury Board of Canada Guidelines.

Reasonable travel time required for provision of services outside of Victoria will be charged at half the hourly or daily rate unless otherwise agreed.

Cancellation fees

 If a session is adjourned or cancelled for any reason, counsel for the party or parties requesting the adjournment or cancellation (or the party, if unrepresented) will be responsible for a cancellation fee. If we do not receive at least 7 clear calendar days' notice to adjourn or cancel a session from the scheduled date, there will be a cancellation fee of one half the minimum rate of the booked session. Failing agreement as to which party bears responsibility for the cancellation, the fee will be divided equally among the parties.

In the absence of a retainer being provided to us, the law firm representing a party is responsible for that party’s share of fees, cancellation/adjournment fees and disbursements and for recovering these from the client.



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